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Visit California: Dream Big

Well, The Troy Hartman Jetpack is at it again…this time it’s featured on the Visit California website as part of the dream 365 project and their “Dream Big” initiative. Both Troy and I were honored to have our video selected and we really hope it shows outsiders just how cool Cali is. A state where innovation is at the forefront of priorities, outside-of-the-box thinkers flourish and naturally beautiful landscape is never taken for granted. Our video is basically about these notions.

We also want to thank Voodoo Highway Music for the awesomely original tracks! If you need an original score, remixing or any other sound needs, call David Kelly at Voodoo! They were nothing short of amazing! Extremely accommodating, friendly and cranked out some amazing music in a very short amount of time. So again, big thanks to David and the team!

Check it out and be sure to browse through some of the other awesome videos selected for Visit California’s site!



It is my pleasure to announce a new project that will be an amazing resource for independent filmmakers. is a peer-to-peer sharing platform and exclusive community where owners of film and photography equipment can rent their own gear to other filmmakers safely and with insurance. Yes, that’s right. Insurance! I’ve been hard at work the last few months and plan to launch our Beta test this Fall! So be sure to sign up and join the community so you’re one of the first to be a part of something great!

Stay tuned for more info! Oh, and a new Demo Reel is in the works!


White Collar Brawlers

Check out the latest and greatest show I DPed, White Collar Brawlers.
Who doesn’t want to see co-workers beat the crap out of each other?

Premieres tonight, Tues Nov 19th 10/9c

The Share Economy

Hello digital world. I just wrapped a German documentary in San Francisco that was all about “The Share Economy”. If you don’t know this term, listen up. It’s big and it’s only growing. It’s happening around us everyday and more and more start-ups are being born by adopting this simple idea. The Share Economy is the idea of peer-to-peer sharing by transactions of goods, talents and services. So If I make a mean apple pie there are plenty of websites/companies out there that offer outlets for me to start my own business to start selling my goods to others in a safe, stress-free and fun manner…aka not Craigslist. Popular examples of a The Share Economy are Lyft, Zaarly, Airbnb, and the list goes on…

So we spent a week in San Francisco interviewing some of the brains behind these operations and it made me realize a few things…

ONE social media is not the devil. Yes, we sometimes isolate ourselves via FB instead of human interaction. But these new companies are connecting the globe in a whole new way. We’ve heard stories of friendships being built, businesses being formed and a true connectivity happening internationally because people, regular ordinary people, are recognizing that they have things (possessions, talents, homes, cars, etc…) to offer at a fair price to others.

TWO: The environment. More sharing means less resources needed. Less cars on the road, less pollution, more resources to go around for everyone. There’s a reason why sharing was big in the 20’s. Well, after 2008, why can’t we go back to this trait called sharing that we all have wired in our brain? Does everyone ALWAYS need their own car? Do we need cabs too? Car rentals? Why can’t we just drive or rent each others’ cars a la Relay Rides? Sounds crazy but it’s not. It’s ancient.

THREE: Economics. More and more people are finding new careers thanks to these companies or outlets. Struggling artists can survive because on their free time, they can drive others around their city. You can quit your 9-5er and take on your dream via Zaarly. There are opportunities again to start your dream job and follow your passion. The American Dream reinvented. The best part…people are spending money again and it’s going into the right hands this time…people. Not corporations. (Although these teeny tiny companies take a percentage of each transaction.)
Do your research, get involved and make a change. It’s happening and it’s a fad that is not going away for a good reason! Rethink how you use your “things” and how you spend your money.

And for the record, no I cannot make a mean apple pie. But I bet I can find some one to teach me for a fair price.


ps The Prius and my apartment are going on Relay Rides and Airbnb very soon.

White Collar Brawler

Well, this is a little late. I’ve been in NYC (mostly Brooklyn to be specific) for 2 weeks shooting White Collar Brawler. A new series for Esquire Network (formerly G4). It’s been a ride thus far but we’re gearing up for our big event next week…the bouts. Every episode features 2 coworkers…2 white collar 9-5ers who want to break out of the regiment of corporate life. So, they challenge each other to a boxing match. Some have beef to settle, others just want to kick the crap out of their coworker and good friend for fun. But we document the two brawlers as they endure an intense 6 week transformation of training, bloody noses and frustration. All leading up to that big night where they get to step into the ring, under the lights and either shine in front of many, or get embarrassed by their co-worker.

As I prepare to light and cover this big event, I’ve been using Shot Designer. A little glitchy at times, but this program works seamlessly with your iPad, iPhone and computer. It’s a simple software that lets you lay out your set, design your lighting scene and block your cameras. Seeing as we have 500 Amps of power and 9 cameras, it’s been kind of a blessing. Check it out! It only costs $15.

Stay tuned for photos and updates on our fights. It’s going to be fun, painful to watch and epic all at the same time.